10 Apps Every College Student Should Have on Their Phone

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Evernote used to be the king of note taking apps, but Notion is a strong contender to the throne. And with its integrations and API, Notion is a lot more than just a note taking app. But you don’t need to worry about all that.

The best thing about notion is that it’s extensible—and free. You can go crazy with the customizations and integrations without paying for a premium tier.

At its heart, what makes Notion great is its blocks and linking system. Each note can be broken down into multiple blocks (like tables), and you can link notes to each to create an extensive, custom, note taking system.

It might feel a bit too overwhelming when you get started, but trust us, if you put in enough time, you’ll get great results out of the Notion system.

The only glaring issue with Notion is that it doesn’t have a really useful offline mode. If that is important for you, try out Evernote or Microsoft OneNote. And if you get too overwhelmed by all the things that you need to do, try a quick meditation.

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