12 Women That Are Changing the Game in Mental Health in 2021

WASHINGTON, Jan. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — To tackle the big issues in mental health, these women have dedicated their efforts to meeting our needs and challenging the taboo of asking for help. Check out this list of women in mental health to know in 2021 from Pagne PR.

Aarti Khullar, The Shrink Space

Aarti has found a way to make it easier to gain access to the perfect therapist for students. “Most students don’t have experience navigating the insurance and healthcare system. The Shrink Space smooths those frictions, leading to more effective treatment.”

Alexa Brand, Soul Compassion

Alexa took her trauma experience and the benefits of therapy to change her trajectory. “My favorite part of being a therapist is helping clients unlearn the toxic norms that have led to internalized shame.”

Andromeda Peters

Former Miss United States, actress, model, trauma therapist, and advocate, Andromeda has big plans for 2021. “Your Mind Matters’ is a non-profit aiming to bring mental health resources to the continent of Africa and getting mental health education in the school system.”

Dara Firoozi, Adarabella

Dara created a means to manage stress and anxiety through her functional fidget and sensory jewelry. “We aim to provoke positive conversations around mental health, de-stigmatize the taboo, and empower people on their mental health journey.”

Davidra Bazemore-Blue, Mental Wealth Services

Davidra Bazemore-Blue, LCSW-C, LICSW is a clinical social worker with over 15 years of experience. “I’m excited to coach leadership teams on leading workforces during times of crisis; helping them navigate stressors and demands in and out of the workplace that we’ve never seen before.”

Jasmine Lamitte

Jasmine is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Director of Mental Health for 20 schools in Los Angeles, that is spreading her message through her social media. “My mental health department aims to ‘heal the heart so the brain can learn.'”

Jenithursday Miller, Shawty Ambition

Jenithursday is an Afro-Latina Certified Peer Support Specialist who overcame childhood trauma. Her peer service guides women into finding their life’s passion and starting their mental health journey. “Choose a life of abundance and always focus on what is possible.”

Lucia Huang, Osmind

Lucia is determined to create access to innovative treatments through Osmind. “Our company builds software for patients and survivors. We would love to see the de-stigmatization of medication treatments and doctors able to run their practices easier.”

Melissa Barker, Phoenix Project

Melissa is a survivor herself and is building a digital platform to make trauma-informed healing and care more accessible to survivors everywhere. “Our mission is to ensure that each and every person feels seen, heard and empowered to continue their own healing and growth.”

Rachel Gurovich, Self-Care Seed Co

Rachel created the Self-Care Seed Co. to end the stigma attached to mental health through education. “People can relate to our content and understand that while they may feel unsupported or isolated in their healing journey, there are resources out there for them.”

Riji Raja, Affirmation Darling

Riji founded Affirmation Darling, a social impact stationery & wellness brand, after going through immense personal struggles. “Every time a customer makes a purchase, I am excitedly counting the number of people whose lives are about to be transformed.”

Valerie Centeno, Aura Metier

Valerie is the owner of Aura Métier, a wellness studio bridging the gap in authentic ancient healing traditions in today’s modern world. “My favorite part of what I do is being understanding at the right moment in time. I’d like to continue to have a positive impact in my community.”

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