15 Small Ways To Be A Better Husband, From A Marriage Therapist

And not just your physical health—let’s include your mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational health too. First of all, it’s sexy when someone is striving to make improvements in all areas of their life. But also, your individual struggles in any area of your life can bleed into your marriage and cause more problems. For example, if one partner struggles with depression but is unwilling to seek professional care, the situation can undoubtedly affect the other partner, the relationship, and the whole family.

Incorporating the small changes listed below slowly over time can lead to long-lasting results. You may already be doing some of these (which is great!), and others may be brand-new ideas. No matter where you find yourself, I am confident making and sticking to this collection of small shifts can change your relationship for the better. It’s like building a muscle: The more you do it, the stronger you become. 

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