Here’s Why Beauty Experts Are Giving Up On Glowing Skin

However, Dr Kluk explains that if you have a skin condition which is getting you down, it’s a good idea to seek professional help. “Especially if your skin condition is itchy, uncomfortable, painful, causing scarring or making you feel self-conscious,” says Dr Kluk. “Getting the right advice and support early on could potentially alleviate a lot of unnecessary suffering. Your first port of call is your
GP,” she says. “They are able to give first-line advice about most skin conditions and if they are not able to help, they can refer you to an NHS dermatology service. It is also possible to book an appointment directly with a private consultant dermatologist during the coronavirus pandemic, as many are offering online consultations.” Dr Kluk concludes that if you have a skin issue which doesn’t have any negative impact on your physical or emotional wellbeing and you choose not to seek treatment, that’s okay too. “It doesn’t mean that people who ask for help are weak or letting the side down,” she says.

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