How To Induce Lucid Dreams That Heal

A lot has been written about the different methods for inducing lucid dreams. While some seem to be able to slip into lucidity hands-free, most dreamers have their own tried-and-true “triggers.”

The numbers game

I’ll admit: I’m biased. I think this is the easiest method because it was the one that launched my first intentional lucid dream. I use it to this day. Essentially, the parts of your brain that are activated during deep REM sleep cannot process numbers (or text) the same way you do when awake.

Reality checks

A form of mental training, performing daily reality checks in your waking life will increase your metacognition. Having greater metacognition during the day will correlate with greater metacognition at night during your dreams.

Reality checks in the form of self-affirmations

If you take anything away from this article, let it be that reality checks are fundamental. On top of being a solid method of cluing you into a lucid dream, it’s just a good, mindful habit to cultivate. Checking in on yourself, taking a moment to breathe and feel the solid table beneath your fingertips, appreciating the things that make you whole and human.

Wake-initiated lucid dreaming

Now, stick with me on this one. Wake-initiated lucid dreaming (WILD) is the process by which a person attempts to remain conscious while transitioning from the waking state to the dream state.

Write down your dreams

Cue groans and eye rolls from those who remember the days of middle school English teachers assigning a “dream journal” to keep by your bedside. But cast those preconceptions aside. Writing down your dreams as soon as you wake up has many benefits besides the oft-ridiculed “dream interpretation” intent. It can increase your likelihood of having lucid dreams.

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