Kansas rids itself of another boil on its ass, this time in the shape of Jeff Long

Former Kansas AD Jeff Long probably wishes this picture of him gazing longlingly into Les Miles‘ eyes didn’t exist right about now.

Former Kansas AD Jeff Long probably wishes this picture of him gazing longlingly into Les Mileseyes didn’t exist right about now.
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It was the only logical conclusion, probably should have happened weeks ago, but there’s still some spiritual affirmation with the news that Jeff Long was shitcanned as AD of Kansas University.

Long was the gremlin whose background check of uber-creep Les Miles basically consisted of asking him if he was a shit-weasel. Surprisingly, Miles didn’t admit to harassing or creeping on school-age girls. Long also didn’t seem much interested in finding out anything else about Miles, whom he’d coveted as a coach since his days as AD at Arkansas.

“Jeff and I spoke at length last night, and while I know he would have loved to stay here many more years, I respect his selfless decision to step down so that we can move Kansas Athletics in a different direction,” Kansas Chancellor Douglas A. Girod said in a statement Wednesday.

This isn’t exactly Ajax falling on his sword. Long had created a mess that KU will take some time to crawl out from under, and he certainly couldn’t be trusted to hire another football coach. He couldn’t really be trusted to hire another coach for anything, given his bungling of this one.

Long’s cover story was that no one in the LSU athletics department ever raised an issue with Miles, but they were never going to. Because if they had, that would be increased scrutiny on the LSU program, which definitely needs it but certainly would look to avoid it. Everyone covers each other’s ass in college football, until someone from outside does the actual digging. Then it’s everyone trying to save their own ass. There will be no saving Miles or Long, and we’ll all be better off for it.

Don’t let the door hit you on the ass, Jeff.

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