Optimize your daily routine with tech tools that help you stay focused

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Coming out of a year that was all over the place, we’re all ready for a fresh start. To work smarter, not harder in 2021, and catch up on all the sleep we’ve lost over the past 10 months, we’re looking for ways that tech can optimize our daily routines. 

Keep your days humming along with PCs and accessories from Lenovo.com designed to improve how you work and kick back. 

Try a morning meditation 

Burned out on the bed-to-home-office routine? Take this ultra-thin, smartphone-size wireless speaker outside and meditate to some mindful music or a guided session for improved focus and concentration before you start your day.

Scroll through the socials

Prop up the 2K touchscreen on this two-in-one to catch up on headlines or unread emails as you sip your coffee. When you’re ready to start prioritizing your to-do list, slap on the keyboard and get to work.

Sketch out your day

Check your Google calendar and make a plan on this all-in-one designed for multitasking. Its flexible, rotating hinge moves the 27-inch display, so you can write or draw with a digital pen at a comfortable angle. 

Go where the day takes you

Work from anywhere without worrying about finding a WiFi connection with the first ever premium 5G PC laptop. That means everywhere from subway tunnels to off-the-grid cabins are fair game. A super fast processor and a battery that can last up to 25.6 hours makes this a top tool for hectic and on-the-go days.

Dig into your workload 

This slick convertible laptop has integrated AI technology to optimize performance, including intelligent cooling for improved battery life. Switch it from laptop to tent to tablet mode, depending on which part of the house you’ve decided to call your office for the day. 

Take a quick break

Need a little energy boost? This versatile machine won’t take up a ton of space in your tiny home office setup and has a nicely sized display for streaming a workout or a stretching class. The up to 14-hour battery life will also come in handy whenever we start getting on long-haul flights again.

Make your ideal setup portable

Attend virtual meetings, add an extra screen, or present to clients on this lightweight, portable monitor. This way you can maintain your beloved two-screen setup even if you’re working from the couch.

Separate work time from you time

This clever Bluetooth mouse can be flipped over into flat mode to scroll like a trackpad. It also folds flat for easy storage in your desk — so you can call it a day.

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