Sunday with Jenna Lyons: ‘I sneak wine on to the Staten Island Ferry’

Sunday with…

The designer describes her perfect New York Sunday: bagels, audiobooks, meditation and a virtual exercise class

Where do you wake up? It alternates – I have joint custody of my child. One week I’m in the city with him, the next I’m by the beach, solo. Either way, my day starts with the dog wanting to go out, meditation and a virtual exercise class. My son is in teenage mode, so I won’t see him until 11am.

Do you work? I’m always working, it’s been that way for ever. At this stage in my life, though, my career and personal life have interwoven. I spend my time being curious, getting inspired by others. It all blends together, so on the weekend I no longer crash like I used to.

Sundays growing up… Were in suburban California. Mum would open the door at 9am and say, ‘Be home for dinner!’ I’d rollerskate with my neighbours or play in the canyon, or hike for hours just to get a 7/11 slushy. It was beautiful, but so boring. That all changed when I moved to New York at 17 for college.

Sunday uniform? Levi’s and a white shirt. It’s the same every day now I’ve peeled off my permanent pandemic sweatpants. I’m still finding wearing shoes and makeup novel. If it’s cold, I’ll throw on my Suzie Kondi cashmere sweater. I can barely afford them, but my god is it worth it.

How do you relax? I try, but struggle to bliss out for more than 20 minutes. Cleaning helps me unwind; I light a lot of candles. And audiobooks have been a gamechanger. I’m listening to the Happiness Advantage right now – again. It’s full of tips that help me focus on the small things better.

A perfect Sunday in New York? Starts with a bagel from Russ & Daughters and then a bit of shopping. Later, it’s dinner in Brooklyn, Lilia is a favourite. After dark, I sneak a bottle of wine on to the Staten Island Ferry and enjoy the view. I was broke when I first moved here and it’s free, so my housemate and I would sit on it for hours.

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