Your Cosmic Monthly Mantras Are Here for January 2021

Welcome to 2021, Pretty Birds! Last year was filled with challenges and major transformation was in order for the collective. We are now under the revolutionary influence of the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that occurred on December 21st. This planetary event ushered in a new cycle that will start to heighten as we move into Aquarius season on January 19th. Aquarius exudes humanitarianism, innovation, originality and a higher perspective through truth. This is something to keep in mind for your January 2021 Cosmic Monthly Mantras.


This month’s energy will begin with a push for change on a socio-economic and political level.  On January 6th, the planet of action, Mars is moving into its detriment (uncomfortable placement) in the sign of Taurus. This challenged Mars will form a connection with Uranus in Taurus which will be moving direct on January 14th. This planetary alignment is bringing forth sudden societal shifts especially in terms of the economy, material wealth and sustainability. The current system will be forced to begin shifting towards serving the needs of the people.


As the month ends, Mercury will retrograde in the sign of Aquarius on January 30th until February 19th. This is the first out of three Mercury retrograde periods this year. It’s wise to have important meetings, contracts, and new agreements signed sealed and delivered before this time. Mercury rules over things like our communication, short-distance travel, and thought. When it’s retrograde, it can bring a layer of confusion and fog in this area of life. 


January 2021 Monthly Mantras:


We ended 2020 in the sign of Capricorn representing structure. The reality and structure of our lives have completely been transformed after this year. Now as we enter 2021, Aquarius energy is pushing us towards using this new foundation as a stepping stone towards reclaiming our power. The power has always rested with the individual human. We have the power to manifest and bring our hopes, dreams, and visions into reality this year if we choose to. First, this starts with setting an intension. Become the master of your own reality throughout 2021 and beyond through the power of words. Words are spells after all! Empower the start to your year with mantras for your month ahead


Incorporate your sun, moon, and rising sign mantras below into your daily affirmation rituals:


Aries: The key to unlocking my hopes, dreams, and wishes is self-love. I know that I am enough and through this I can achieve!


Taurus: When I align with my truth, the road opens up for me. Not everyone will agree with my unique choices, but in the end, it’s my life.


Gemini: My voice is valid and the world needs my wisdom. I am embracing my truth and power as an individual.


Cancer: I let my leadership qualities shine out to the world. I am embracing my magic as a creative being.


Leo: I magnetize those who are in alignment with my values. I celebrate and honor the unique energy I bring to my relationships.


Virgo: My spiritual and physical well-being is of the utmost importance. I focus on what truly fulfills me in my day-to-day life. 


Libra: I love my unique creative vision. This is what makes me who I am. I embrace and nurture my inner child with love and healing. 


Scorpio: Honoring my emotions comes first in my relationships. I set healthy boundaries and ensure that there is room for my growth.


Sagittarius: I will embrace who I truly am. I am releasing the limiting beliefs that have delayed or challenged my relationships.


Capricorn: I am stepping into this year transformed and aligned with my purpose. Now it’s time to shine and ask for what I’m worth.


Aquarius: I am the most unique sign of the zodiac. I am now stepping into the comfort of who I truly am regardless of what others think!


Pisces: Values evolve and change. Those who are in alignment will grow with me and accept me for my truth. 


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